Attachments, Elastics, and Retainers

Tools for Better Precision and Bite Correction

Sometimes your smile needs a little more than clear aligners alone. Yes, your aligners will make your teeth straighter, but to achieve your best results we may advise using attachments or elastics.

Attachments allow us to make complex tooth movements possible, and help your aligners apply the right amount of force in the right direction. They are tiny, tooth-colored shapes that are temporarily affixed to some of your teeth before and during your INVISALIGN® treatment. Your clear aligners fit over them—they are barely noticeable.

Adding elastics helps us treat more complicated cases, such as those needing underbite, overbite and crossbite correction.

Not everyone who uses INVISALIGN clear aligners needs attachments and elastics. After we’ve studied your scan, we can help you understand which options will give you the straightest, most beautiful smile.

When your INVISALIGN treatment is complete, we recommend that you wear retainers to preserve your results over time. Retainers prevent your teeth from moving out of position as they adjust to staying in their new place without aligners. Don’t worry—we’ll instruct you about when (and for how long) you’ll need to wear them.