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Did you know…. Nearly one-third of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face they typically notice is his or her teeth, and 24% say this is also the facial aspect that they remember the most after seeing someone.

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“Whether we like it or not we are often judged by our appearance.  Whether you’re socializing and networking face-to-face or virtually. Your smile has more of an effect on what others perceive about you than you think.”

“Many adults are concerned about how their smile might affect their chances of employment or advancement in a competitive job market. Many people are also reentering the dating scene after divorce and are looking for a more attractive, youthful appearance.”

-Dr Michelle Callahan, renowned TV Host, relationship expert, coach and development psychologist

“Many people tend to focus on fixing the things about themselves they think will have the biggest impact, often overlooking one of the most impressionable physical attributes like their teeth”

– Timothy A. Mack, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Align Technology, maker of Invisalign

When it comes to attracting a possible mate on a dating site, those with straight teeth are seen as 57% more likely than those with crooked teeth to get a date based on their picture alone.

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