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Why Us?

We Are Passionate About Your Look

At My Virtual Smile we offer Invisalign 60% cheaper and with 90% less appointments. We know life is expensive, getting your dream smile shouldn’t be!

We’re the #1 INVISALIGN provider in the Rocky Mountain region, and one of the top 100 providers in the world. Click here to see who the Orthodontist is at My Virtual Smile!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at My Virtual Smile, we want you to be absolutely confident in your choice. Therefore, we offer a “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your treatment in the first 30 days.

We have locations in Arvada, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch and Thornton.

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Cheap Invisalign

other companies

$1500(does not include retainers)
  • You send in pictures of your teeth.
  • Take your own impressions (trust us this is a hard thing to do, you might have to retake).
  • Aligners are sent to your house (Convenient, right? But then..)
  • You do not get attachments= no bite correction
  • Wear your aligners until you are done (this should be the end, but..)
  • Go to your dentist to have an expensive bite adjutment appointment, if needed. ($1,500-$2,000+))
  • Pay to have new retainers/nightguard made by your dentist (Your old ones will not fit and those are $300-900+).

My Virtual Smile!!

$3,00000 For everyone! Includes retainers, whitening and our 24/7 support
  • Come to 1 of our 4 Convenient Locations!
  • Meet the my Virtual Smile team who will be here to help you during this exciting journey!
  • Get Scanned by our State of The Art I-Tero Scanner (only takes 5 minutes)!
  • See what your teeth will look like after you get done with treatment!
  • Come back 2-3 weeks later to pick up your aligners (get attachments placed if bite correction is needed)
  • Woohoo! You are done with treatment and your smile is FLAWLESS!
  • Whiten your teeth if you desire with the whitening gel included with treatment. You only come back if you need replacement retainers or want to say hello!
  • 24/7 Support – Call us whenever you have a question or concern!
  • Under the direct care of Dr. Nelson- not some unknown doctor you never see.

We want you to have the best experience possible while on your journey to getting the smile of your dreams!

Curious about attachments? Click here to read about the My Virtual Smile difference: Attachments, Elastics, and Retainers

Also, read about our amazing Orthodontist, he is one of the #1 Top Invisalign Providers in the WORLD.

At My Virtual Smile we pride ourselves in offering Invisalign 60% cheaper and with 90% less appointments. Because we know life is busy! And expensive! Getting your dream smile should not be an inconvenience, we want you to enjoy the ride!

We take most insurance, HSA/FSA, offer financing through Care Credit and Lending Point. We are here for you and are here to help you make the best decision.

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